Musashi-Opt 29-120 T2.9 Full Frame Zoom

Musashi Optical System Co. Ltd is based in Saitama, Japan, about 20 km north of Tokyo. Founded in 2003 by former Fujinon executives, Musashi-Opt (as it is commonly called) is well-known for its OptMag and OptMore PL mount extenders and Full Frame expanders.

In 2019, they introduced a Super35 23.9-195 mm T2.9 zoom lens. This was followed by the Takumi 1, a Full Frame 40.6 – 332 mm T4.8 PL-mount version of the lens. 

Now, Musashi-Opt announces the new Takumi 2 Full Frame 29-120 mm T2.9 PL-mount zoom lens. 

Takumi means artisan. The lenses are designed and crafted by artisans in Musashi-Opt’s own factory, in-house, in Saitama. A Takumi 2 arrived at FDTimes a couple of weeks ago. The workmanship is superb and the performance is excellent. Zoom tracking stayed true; the optical center did not waver. The aperture remains constant; there is no exposure ramping. Focus is smooth and does not breathe.  

The image is crisp and sharp with silky skin tones and pretty bokeh. The optional top handle is artisanal. Takumi. 

  • Focal Length: 29-120mm
  • Zoom ratio: 4.1x
  • Aperture Range: T2.9 – 22 (no exposure ramping)
  • Iris: 9 Blades
  • Maximum Coverage: 46.3 mm diagonal
  • Mount: PL Mount
  • M.O.D from Image Plane: 4 ft
  • Focus, Iris, Zoom Gears: Standard 0.8 metric module
  • Barrel Rotation: 160° zoom / 280° focus
  • Front Diameter: 136 mm
  • Length: 370 mm
  • Weight: approx. 7.7 kg /16.9 lb
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Available May – June 2021




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