SmallHD 4K Monitors

Maybe you saw prototypes at IBC or BSC Expo. Now they’re here.

SmallHD has a new series of production monitors that address screaming needs: Affordable, 4K, HDR or High Brightness or OLED, Rugged and Lightweight. 

Lighting and shooting 4K HDR shows while viewing on HD standard monitors seems sadly comparable to the old days of watching flickering, grainy black & white video tap images at night and the director asks whether you are shooting in color and if the actor will actually be visible in dailies. For focus pullers pulling on a 4K Full Frame show, larger 4K monitors are applauded. 

These four new SmallHD 4K monitors can confidently refute a producer’s refrain of “Oh, we cannot afford HDR monitors.” They raise the bar of confidence on set: what you’re shooting in HDR is not an imaginary extrapolation that won’t be seen until grading. And they pierce the pushed envelope of increasingly shallow depth of field for focus pullers who can now migrate happily to larger, sharper, higher resolution displays. There are 4 new SmallHD Production Monitors:

  • Vision 24 (24″ diagonal HDR display)
  • Vision 17 (24″ diagonal HDR display)
  • OLED 22 (22″ diagonal True Black display)
  • Cine 24 (24″ diagonal High Brightness display)

Your only tough choice will be which one to choose. Perhaps the OLED 22 or Vision 24 go to the grading suite, DIT and colorist. The DIT will, of course, also want a Vision 17 for  second unit and car shots. Director and DP may watch on the OLED 22 or Vision 24. The Focus Puller can pull off the Cine 24 or Vision 17.

At the rear, all four Monitors have:

  • 4x 12G SDI In and 4x 12G SDI Out BNC Connectors
  • 1x HDMI In and 1x HDMI Out Connector
  • 3-pin XLR 12-34 VDC 12A Input 
  • Dual-GM/VM Battery Plate (14/26V, sold as accessories)
  • 2x 2-pin Lemo 12 VDC (2A total) AKS Power Connectors 
  • USB-C 5 VDC 1.5A Power Connector

The Monitors are all housed in a rugged, unibody, milled-aluminum chassis with feet. There are 36 individual ¼-20 mounting points along the top and sides. The top handle is removable and there are 4 VESA mounting threads on the back. Power inputs are hot-swappable between the XLR power connector for a block battery or power supply and an optional slide-on dual battery plate. With choices of Gold Mount or V-Mount, 14V or 26V batteries, the plate slides onto a dovetail Smart Rail at the rear side of the monitor and engages with an integral power connector. 

There are two 2-pin Lemo connectors on the back. Of course, you’ll want to use one of them to attach a Teradek Bolt 4K zero-delay 4K 10-bit HDR receiver. 

These 4K Production Monitors run on SmallHD’s propriety PageOS 4 software and User Interface. PageOS 4 provides Color Pipe color-calibration that accurately converts log formats into SDR and HDR. PageOS 4 includes significant upgrades over previous PageOS software, including user page presets, 4K HDR (PQ) waveforms, improved false color, easy calibration and more.

The four new SmallHD 4K Monitors are currently available at  special, limited-time introductory pricing.


SmallHD Vision 24 (24″, HDR, 4096×2160)

SmallHD Cine 24 with Teradek Bolt 4K Receiver

  • SmallHD Vision 24 — $11,999 – available September 2020
  • HDR: PQ
  • Resolution: 4096 x 2160 10-bit color
  • Brightness: 1,000 nits
  • Contrast: 1,000,000:1
  • DCI-P3 Color: 115%
  • Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) hardware with 2100 zone

SmallHD Vision 17 (17″, HDR, 3840×2160) 

  • SmallHD Vision 17 HDR  — $8,999 – available September 2020
  • HDR: PQResolution: 3840 x 2160
  • 8-bit
  • Brightness: 1,000 nits
  • Contrast: 1,000,000:1
  • DCI-P3 Color: 115%
  • Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) hardware with 2400 zones

OLED 22 (22″, 3840×2160 Reference Monitor)

Greg Smokler, Creative Solutions VP of Product, said, “DITs, DPs, and Colorists have been waiting for what feels like forever to replace their ancient HD OLED monitors,” said. “That’s why we spent over 2 years building OLED 22, the first lightweight 4K OLED production monitor equipped with a feature set that finally enables critical monitoring of 4K images, both on set and in the grading suite.”

  • SmallHD OLED 22 HDR — $11,999 – available now
  • HDR: PQ with True Black
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 10-bit color
  • Brightness: 350 nits
  • Contrast: >1,000,000:1
  • Screen diagonal: 21.6 in / 55 cm
  • Color gamut:  DCI-P3: 100% Rec.709: 135% 
  • Weight:  9.3 lb / 4.2 kg. 

SmallHD Cine 24 (24″ High Bright, 3840×2160)

  • SmallHD Cine 24 High Bright — $5499 – available now
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • 10-bit (8+2 via Framerate Conversion) 
  • Brightness: 1,350 nits
  • Contrast:   1000:1
  • DCI-P3 Color: 100% 

SmallHD Cine 24 with Teradek Bolt 4K Receiver






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