ZEISS Virtual Cine Expo

This could be where trade shows are going for the near future and then continue for years to come:


Thursday, July 16 is the third and final day of the ZEISS Virtual Cine Expo online. You enter a realistic, 3D rendered view of the ZEISS booth familiar from many real trade shows. Stroll around onscreen and watch detailed presentations in greater depth than you’d ever have time or patience for at a real show. For example, click on the Radiance Room. Spin around 360° past the display shelf of Supreme Prime Radiance (SPR), to video examples, comparisons of Supreme Primes vs Radiance, and then to our friend Dr. Benjamin Völker, once the Ghostbuster and now the Ghostfather.

You can also chat with the ZEISS team and request a personal guided tour.

This is Virtual Cine Expo version 1.o. Imagine what v.2.0 might be like—with AR and VR, realistic  avatars who look like the ZEISS crew and give presentations as they would in the real world, perhaps an espresso machine that hisses, and much more.



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