Mole LED Spacelites and 20K LED

Mole LED Spacelites

Spacelites are hung in large numbers at regular intervals from studio grids to illuminate large areas with soft, relatively even light. Skirts with diffusion are usually attached. To prevent multiple shadows, an additional black skirt can be attached to create pools of down-light. A drawback has been massive power requirements and lots of heat.

The next generation of Mole-Richardson Co. LED Spacelites will debut in 2020 — the Varispace 2 and Varispace 4.

These Spacelites use the same color science and controls found in the popular Mole “Vari” line of Fresnels.

Mole 6000 watt (6x 1000 watt) quartz Spacelite with skirt.

The Varispace 2 and Varispace 4 are designed as LED alternatives to the Mole 2000 watt and 6000 watt quartz Spacelites.

With power draws of 350 watts for the Varispace 2, and 900 watts for the Varispace 4, both Spacelites include variable color temperature (2700K to 6500K), Plus/Minus Green correction, built-in LumenRadio, RDM and Bluetooth compatibility.

Mole 20K LED


Along with the complete line of Vari-Fresnels and Vari-Soft Panels, Mole-Richardson Co. will also be featuring the 20K LED. This 24″ single-source LED Fresnel fixture delivers incredible output, requiring only two separate 15 amp circuits. So, now you can plug a 20K (20,000 watt equivalent) light into two household electric outlets.



This article first appeared in FDTimes April 2020 Issue 101.

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