Bright Tangerine Drumstix

Drum roll please.

Bright Tangerine’s new Drumstix Sterling Titanium Support Rods are incredibly lightweight and very solid—¼ of the weight of stainless steel lens rods.

Saving weight matters. If you’re working with drones for aerial shots, every gram saved can add crucial flight time. If you’re trekking in a remote location, it could mean the difference between taking an extra lens otherwise left behind. Lighter rods also shift the center of gravity so your camera is not so front-heavy.

Cue the new Bright Tangerine Drumstix.

The new Sterling Titanium rods have an amazing strength-to-weight ratio. Their weight is comparable to that of carbon fiber rods. There is no compromise when it comes to build quality. They will not shatter, they will not dent, and they will not falter.

Manufactured in the UK to exacting tolerances, the sensibly priced Drumstix are available in a range of lengths in both 15mm and 19mm diameters.

Over the years, Bright Tangerine has earned a reputation for product ingenuity and superb  engineering. They believe that “OK, is not OK” and these new rods are no exception.

Beautifully machined and backed by a lifetime warranty, Bright Tangerine’s new Drumstix are like no other support rods we’ve seen before.

Reprinted from Film and Digital Times April 2019 Edition #93-94

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