Vocas LPL and PL Mounts


LPL to E-mount adapter

Vocas has several new and interesting lens mount adapters.

Back focus can be adjusted by means of shims.

The lens mount adapters also can be attached to 15 mm rods for extra support.

There are 3 new models in the lens adapter series:

• E-mount to LPL adapter (to use LPL lenses on E-Mount cameras such as the Sony VENICE.
• LPL to PL adapter for traditional PL lenses on LPL cameras.
• LPL to LPL 20 mm close-focus adapter for extreme close-ups without having to use of a dedicated macro lens or diopter.


E-mount to LPL adapter exploded view

Reprinted from Film and Digital Times April 2019 Edition #93-94

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