Sony α7R IV – 61 Megapixels

Sony launched their new full-frame mirrorless a7R IV (model ILCE-7RM4) today. With a new 61 megapixel sensor, this is Sony’s highest resolution full-frame camera. It has a totally new sensor—the first major update for Alpha still cameras since 2015. The full-frame sensor measures 35.7×23.8mm. We estimate the pixel pitch around 3.6 microns. Maximum resolution for stills is 9504 x 6336. Gone may be the notion that bigger pixels are always better pixels. Sony’s sensor engineers and their fab have come up with something really special: ISO 100–32000, low noise, and 15 stops of dynamic range (at low ISO).

The new 5.76-million-dot UXGA OLED EVF will even astonish aficionados of optical groundglass viewfinders.

Real-time Eye AF and Tracking uses AI to decide whether to lock onto an actor’s eye or follow the subject in a more general way. It does this seamlessly in both still and video modes.

I look forward to the α7R IV wireless tethering to eliminate the trip-prone cable linking previous α7 and α9 cameras to computer. Outputs include USB-C and HDMI.

Full Specifications here.

Videos below courtesy of Sony:




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