SIGMA L Mount & E-Mount Lens Launch

SIGMA introduces three new Full Frame lenses for L-mount (SIGMA, Leica, Panasonic) and E-mount (Sony) mirrorless cameras.


This report comes live from Aoyama, Tokyo where SIGMA is launching a lot of new products today.

A few days ago, Rick Booth, Sigma Corporation of America Director of Marketing called and said, “It might be interesting to come under NDAv to Tokyo to an undisclosed location for an undisclosed product launch on July 11″. It sounded somewhat like the scene in “VICE” and in real life where VP Dick Cheney is whisked away to an “undisclosed location.” The next day,  President Mark Amir  called to confirm, saying only that like a Michelin 3-star restaurant, it would be “worth the trip.”

So, here we are at the trendy SPIRAL Art Center, designed by architect Fumihiko Maki. It is an eclectic combination of event space, gallery, café and shop. We’re a 20-minute walk from the Shibuya Scramble Crossing toward trendy Omotesando.

At the event, SIGMA CEO Kazuto Yamaki  explained, “As demand continues to grow for full-frame mirrorless cameras, expectations of lenses for those cameras is also increasing. SIGMA observed that many photographers may feel that the choices of lenses for DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) cameras are limited in terms of performance, size, lineup and system. Therefore, SIGMA has developed a new full-frame mirrorless lens series and is introducing three models today, with more to come.

“SIGMA will continue to design and develop interchangeable lenses with unique specifications and performance that benefit from the short (18-20mm) flange focal depthjof mirrorless cameras. These lenses will retain the core SIGMA concepts of “Contemporary,” “Art,” and “Sports” models.”

Today, SIGMA introduces the first 3 full-frame models in this new series:

14-24mm F2.8 DG DN | Art
Large-diameter, ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for L-Mount and Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras. It is astonishingly compact – almost impossibly small. Mr Yamaki says, “While maintaining the exceptional image quality of the SIGMA Art series, size is reduced significantly from a comparable DSLR lens.”

35mm F1.2 DG DN | Art
Described by SIGMA as “The world’s first autofocus 35mm F1.2 L-Mount and Sony E-mount lens for full-frame mirrorless systems. F1.2 maximum aperture.”

45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary
Compact size is achieved while maintaining high image quality. This prime for L-mount and E-mount cameras is an all-purpose lens that is intended to travel with the camera at all times, ready for rapid street photography and any other shot you might want to grab at a moment’s notice.

  • Note: The L-Mount  is a registered Trademark of Leica Camera AG.
  • Sigma and Panasonic joined Leica in the L mount alliance.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

About the Product Names:

  • “DG” signifies that the lens is designed to deliver the best performance on cameras with full-frame sensors
  • “DN” means that the lens design is optimized for mirrorless cameras with short flange focal length.


  • the L mount has a 20mm flange focal depth.
  • the E-mount has an 18mm FFD.


Common to all 3 lenses launched today:

·      The lenses are all proudly made in SIGMA’s factory in Aizu, Japan.
·     They all have precision, rugged brass bayonet L mounts or E-mounts
·     All are Rugged and splash-proof
·     Available Mount Conversion Service to and from L mount and E-mount
(This is nice because you can buy one set of lenses that work on SIGMA, Leica, Panasonic or Sony DSLM cameras)

Here are additional details.


SIGMA 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN

1.       Wide and fast zoom with superb resolution
2.      Newly developed large-diameter, wide-angle, high-performance zoom lens optimized for full-frame mirrorless cameras
3.      High-resolution image quality developed with exclusive low dispersion glass elements and NPC (Nano Porous Coating)
4.      Advanced Features
5.      Rear filter holder as a standard accessory

Available Autofocus (AF) mounts: L-Mount, Sony E-mount

If you shoot underwater, aerials, incredibly-close-and-very-wide action and stunts, landscapes, POV video shots, still or timelapse nightscapes, then this lens is for you.
Its compact size is incredible.

SIGMA calls the 14-24 F2.8 DG DN “the definitive lens for astrophotography with astonishing resolution. Many photographers enjoy shooting with a wide aperture and a lower sensor ISO to minimize noise as much as possible. The 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN | Art zoom lens has been developed by optimizing the specifications for photographing starry skies with full-frame mirrorless cameras. The uniform rendering performance and outstanding resolution to the edges of the frame make it the definitive lens for astrophotography. In benefitting from the advantages offered by a short flange focal distance of 18mm or 20mm, this new-generation large-diameter zoom lens combines both a compact body and superb high-resolution image quality.”

Optical Design
High resolution image quality is achieved with an optical design that uses low dispersion glass elements with NPC (Nano Porous Coating). One FLD glass and five SLD glass elements work together to suppress chromatic aberration to the edge of the frame. Three aspherical lenses, including a large-diameter aspherical front element, are used to effectively minimize coma flare, etc., thereby achieving excellent resolution. The super multi-layer coating is combined with a newly developed NPC (Nano Porous Coating). The lens has been designed to be less susceptible flaring and ghosting in strong incident light such as backlight.

SIGMA’s new “NPC (Nano Porous Coating)” technology uses porous silica as the coating material. The porous silica layer has nano-sized holes with air inside. Having holes of this size enables a large reduction in the refractive index, allowing reflectance to be lowered more than conventional anti-reflective coatings. As a result, reflected light causing flares and ghosting is sharply reduced, achieving clear image quality.

Advanced Features
A stepping motor enables high speed, quiet Autofocus. Shooting is comfortable even in target AF such as Face/Eye Detection AF and during video shooting. The AFL button, which can be assigned with various functions, widens the range of operations available on the lens.

The housing is dust- and splash-proof. A water- and oil-repellent coating on the front element’s surface resists rain, spray and fingerprints.

The 14-28 comes with a rear gel filter holder that has a locking lever to keep it in place.

(calculated for L-Mount)
Lens Construction: 18 elements in 13 groups
Angle of view (35mm): 114.2°-84.1°
Number of iris blades: 11 (rounded diaphragm)
Maximum aperture: F2.8
Minimum aperture: F22
Minimum focusing distance: 28cm / 11.0in.
Maximum magnification ratio: 1:7.3
Dimensions (diameter × length): 85.0mm×131.0mm / 3.3in. × 5.2in.
Weight: 795g / 28.0oz.
Auto focus and manual mode
11-blade round iris

Launch: August, 2019

Product information:

SIGMA 35mm F1.2 DG DN

SIGMA calls their 35mm F1.2 DG DN“the first wide-angle AF lens with F1.2 maximum aperture for the full-frame Sony E-mount and L-Mount system. This lens enables the creation of art with astounding resolution and large bokeh effects—excellent for portraits that make use of shallow depth of field. It brings the development concept of the Art line’s “pursuit of ultimate image quality” to the next level. While utilizing some optical correction functions inside the camera, other aberrations that are difficult to post-process are thoroughly corrected thanks to the optical design that also enhances resolution.

(Previously, SIGMA Art lenses came in EF, F and Sigma Mounts—to be used on mirrored, optical finder cameras with longer flange focal depths of 44mm – 46.5mm).

“The new Art line in the age of mirrorless cameras pursues ultimate performance on mirrorless cameras. Three SLD glass elements and three aspherical elements, including a double-sided aspherical lens, are arranged in a lens construction of 17 elements in 12 groups. In addition to the optical design that makes use of the characteristic of the short flange focal length, it effectively takes advantage of the correction function inside the camera to correct distortion and peripheral illumination. Various aberrations that are difficult to correct by post-processing, such as sagittal coma flare, are thoroughly corrected by the compilation of the optical design technologies that SIGMA has cultivated, achieving an overwhelming resolution that can resolve over 50 million pixels.”

Supports shooting both still and video.

The  SIGMA 35mm F1.2 DG DN will be welcome for both still and video. Autofocus on this F1.2 large-diameter lens is achieved with a large Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) that has enough torque to drive the focus lens group. Manual focus is achieved with a focus-by-wire system. Torque is optimized for comfortable focusing by the photographer. The aperture ring has a de-click function, enabling seamless and silent adjustment of the iris during video shooting.

The AFL (AutoFocus Lock) button can be assigned to various functions.
The lens is dust- and splash-proof.
The surface of the front element has a water- and oil-repellent coating.
Auto focus / manual modes
Designed to minimize flare and ghosting
11-blade rounded iris


All figures calculated for L-Mount

  • Lens Construction: 17 elements in 12 groups
  • Angle of view (35mm): 63.4°
  • Number of iris blades: 11 (rounded diaphragm)
  • Maximum aperture F1.2
  • Minimum aperture: F16
  • Minimum focusing distance: 30cm / 11.8in.
  • Maximum magnification ratio: 1:5.1
  • Front Filter size: φ82mm
  • Dimensions (diameter × length): 87.8mm×136.2mm / 3.5in. × 5.4in.
  • Weight: 1,090g / 38.4oz.
  • For L-Mount, Sony E-mount

Product information:

Launch: July, 2019


SIGMA 45mm F2.8 DG DN   C | Contemporary


SIGMA describes the 45mm F2.8 DG DN  C as “An enjoyable prime lens your camera can hardly part with ―admirably balanced performance and size for full-frame mirrorless cameras from our Contemporary line. Beautiful bokeh and rendering that can be enjoyed in every scene. High-speed and highly accurate AF is enabled by a stepping motor. With high build quality and outstanding operability, the SIGMA 45mm F2.8 DG DN embodies the Contemporary line’s concept of “Pursuing optimum balance” — achieving the best balance of a lens suited for everyday use. This standard lens has an easy-to-carry size and high optical performance, thereby embodying the Contemporary line’s development concept of pursuing optimum balance.

“With the SIGMA 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary, bokehs are a special feature. Spherical aberration has been controlled to ensure not only large bokeh in the out of focus areas in front and behind the subject. Also, the bokeh behind the area in focus take on a gradient to a soft blur. This lens softens the periphery area slightly that creates a three-dimensional impression of the subject. The 45mm F2.8 DG DN| C produces smooth, classical bokehs when the aperture is wide open, it becomes sharper when it is stopped down.”

  • High-speed and highly accurate AF are enabled by the smooth, quietstepping motor.
    Face/Eye Detection AF and video AF is supported. Manual Focus is provided with comfortable torque.
  • Because this lens is intended for everyday use, particular attention has been given to build quality and operability. The metal lens barrel offers improved durability. The aperture ring has a smooth clicks.
  • Designed to minimize flare and ghosting


All figures calculated for L-Mount

  • Lens Construction: 8 elements in 7 groups
  • Angle of view (35mm): 51.3°
  • Number of iris blades: 7 (rounded diaphragm)
  • Maximum aperture F2.8
  • Minimum aperture: F22
  • Minimum focusing distance: 24cm / 9.4in.
  • Maximum magnification ratio: 1:4
  • 7-blade rounded diaphragm
  • Front Filter size: φ55mm
  • Weight: 215g / 7.5oz.
  • L-Mount and Sony E-mount

Product information:








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