Wooden Camera LPL for RED DSMC2 & Sharkfin Battery Bracket for Alexa LF

Wooden Camera LPL for RED DSMC2


Wooden Camera introduced a DSMC2 LPL mount at IBC. So, if you’d like to shoot with Large Format Signature Primes on a RED MONSTRO 8K VV Camera, simply attach this mount with its 4 captive screws. 44 mm FFD, 62 mm Ø.

The LPL mount has LDS-2 pogo contacts that connect to a 00 Lemo connector on the side. Future products that use LDS-2 lens metadata externally can plug in here.


Sharkfin Battery Bracket for Alexa LF


Photo by The Camera Dept.


It looks more like an aircraft tail fin, but Wooden Camera’s “Sharkfin” name is catchier. Wooden Camera’s ARRI Alexa LF 24V Sharkfin Battery Bracket (Gold Mount or V-Mount) powers the Alexa LF with two standard 14.4 VDC batteries. That’s because Alexa LF requires 19.5 – 34 VDC. Key features include hot swapping between batteries and DC input, four D-Tap connectors that remain powered when at least one battery is attached, percentage information transmitted to the camera when smart batteries are used, knobs for tool-less installation with a hidden hex wrench for additional tightening, and a protective cover plate when battery bracket is not in use.

Since the Alexa LF requires high current for normal operation, two batteries capable of 10A sustained draw should be installed at all times. At camera idle, when no lens motors are moving, batteries can be swapped one at a time while the camera and accessories remain powered. It is also possible to hot swap between block battery and onboard batteries.

The Sharkfin module will read Anton/Bauer battery information, combine the data, and provide a summarized information stream to the camera. This data is displayed on the main display of the camera body, LCD, EVF, etc.

The system has four M3 thumbscrews and two locating points that attach directly to the back of the camera. The hex wrench can be used to complete the installation and stored neatly on the plate for future use. The included cover plate protects the pogo pin electrical connectors during transit.



Reprinted from Film and Digital Times September 2018 Edition #89-90



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