Ultra Lightweight ARRI 35mm cameras for drones: for sale

Here’s an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber Arriflex 35mm camera package for sale. It is ideal for drones, gimbals, helium-filled balloons — and was used extensively on the film OCEANS.

The system includes two Arriflex 2 cameras, each under 1.4 kg, modified with carbon fiber bodies, new motors and mounts.

Frédéric Jacquemin, writes:

“We met at the 2010 AFC Micro Salon in France and you wrote a good article about the film “Oceans” in your FDTimes March 2010 edition with pictures of my chopper and my ultra-lightweight carbon fiber Arriflex 2c.

“Well, today I’m leaving the world of aerial shooting and want to sell my custom camera equipment package.” It includes:

–      Two ultralight 35mm film camera bodies based on the Arriflex 2C (pictures with the  purple buttons) and Arriflex 2B (the one with blue buttons).

The goal to save maximum weight was to use Nikon mounts, exchange the motors with modern and ultralight brushless ones, replace all parts of the frame with hand-made carbon fiber.

They both have full Super35mm gates with the lens mount centered. They both have a full aperture ground glass with 2.40:1 ratio engraved.

The Arriflex 2C body weighs 1420 grams with RX, Pal video assist, caps, aperture servo (shown in photos).

The Arriflex 2B weighs 1410gr without video.

The total weight of the  2C with magazine, 16mm S35 lens, video assist, aperture servo, rx, weighs 2710gr.

They both have a speed control with RC hobbyist “protocol” as selected PWM value to provide the selected speed. The 2C has a precise (quartz) speed regulation and the 2B has very efficient speed regulation independent of the load and battery level.

The 2C has a special electronic feature that automaticly returns the mirror-shutter to the viewing position in standby.

Also included:

–      7x 60m (200ft) ultra light 35mm film magazines (850gr empty); 6 are made from original Arriflex and one from a US copy. Each magazine is lightened by machining the aluminium frame and replacing with thin carbon fiber sheets. The weight saved is around 400 grams.

–      3x Zeiss T2.1 Standard lenses: 16mm, 20mm, 24mm with Nikon mounts and 3 original PL mounts. The 3 lenses have special connector on the iris ring for remote control.

The fronts are threaded for 77mm diameter circular screw-in filters, which include:

17x Tiffen 77mm filters:  8 yellow 2, deep yellow 15, UV protector, 81EF, 85B, 85B N3,
85B N6, 85B N9, Enhancing, 81EF, 81A MC, 80A MC, Ultra contrast 1, 85, 85 N3, 85 N6, 85 N9

–      One AU4G base plate with ⅜-16 threated steel insert.

–      One RC set with Futaba FC18 transitter (35Mhz band) and 2 receivers; one cable charger for Tx battery (3s lipo 4Ah, max charge rate around 1A); one RF module spare; RF quartz…

–      One Lipo battery 3s 1.6Ah with Graupner 2mm gold connectors (+ 3 connectors spare pairs).

–      One video assist gate with 530ltv Pal color camera module and lens (+ spare Binder small connectors for output, look at drawing for +,- and video signal) and programming module.

–      One original optical Arri gate.

–      One empty light gate to use your own video assist.

–      One Hitec HS-5125 MG servo for remote aperture control with pushrods

–      One governor module Futaba GV1 to check RPMs on the 2B camera.

–      2x 1520 and one 1510 Pelicase

The price for the package is US $ 12000 + shipping.


Frédéric Jacquemin
Birdy Fly
Villiers sur Orge – France
tel:  +33 6 62 17 61 90
email:  frederic.jacquemin (at) birdyfly.com


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  1. It is so nice, comforting and nostalgic to read about a “new” real film camera. This makes me smile :-)

  2. John Elfers says:

    Glorious conversion! We are using an SCS lightweight modified IIC for jib and steadicam shots! Find us on Instagram @FireTrialFilms to see what we’re up to!

  3. Victor huey says:

    I got a flying eye carbon 2c rig off ebay, need help with the PID controller

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