FDTimes 86F French Edition for Micro Salon 2018

FDTimes February 2018 Issue 86F French Micro Salon Edition is now online.

Pick up a free paper copy at Micro Salon in Paris, Feb 9-10. We’ll be there.

Meanwhile, here’s the online edition:

Free Download. In French and English. 

  • Massis, Monstro, Mont Blanc
  • Emit en plein format au Micro Salon
  • Loumasystems – Les derniers tournages
  • Les maîtres de la mise au point parlent du Light Ranger 2 Preston
  • RVZ
  • Cartoni
  • Hawk Trilogy
  • Sigma Cine FF
  • PhotoCineView
  • Cooke S7/i Full Frame Plus
  • Aaton-Digital and Transvideo
  • ZEISS CP.3 with eXtended Data
  • Yves Angelo, AFC, SBC and Thalia
  • Angénieux Zooms: Full Frame and Beyond
  • SIGMA FF High Speed 14 and 135 mm T2 FF Primes


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