Easyrig’s Johan Hellsten reports on Camerimage

Johan Hellsten, Cameraman and Inventor of the Easyrig, visited Camerimage for the first time. Camerimage was a mere 20 hours or more to the south by car and ferry from his hometown of Umeå. Here’s Johan, above, with an 18 kg ARRI Alexa 65 on his Easyrig Vario 5. He sent these photos and notes.

 Turkish cinematographer Cansu Bogulsu, above, had an Alexa, Shape handgrips, Chrosziel mattebox suspended from her Easyrig.  
Easyrig could really be called “Backsaver.” Its main purpose is to ease the burden of handholding a camera for long periods of time. You can still rest the camera on your shoulder, or under your arm, and the Easyrig’s system of cable and adjustable spring take up most of the weight.

Mikhail Krichman and Alexandre Ilkohvski. Krichman showed his new film ”Loveless”, about living as a child after your parents haved divorced in Russia, nominated for an Oscar this year.

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