Sony Venice Full Frame in February

Nov 15. Tokyo, Japan.

At InterBEE this morning, Sony announced an accelerated timeline for the release of VENICE.

The camera will ship in February 2018 with its 24×36 mm Full Frame sensor fully functional. When launched in September, the roadmap was a February release with only S35 implemented and Full Frame to be ready later in the year, around August.

I would imagine that Sony headquarters reacted to a frosty reception by rental houses and users by deploying a squadron of software engineers to work round the clock since then. Therefore, version 1.0 of Sony VENICE will let the camera shoot 24 fps Full Frame 6K XOCN. Further software/firmware updates will follow.

Yasuo Ueda and Yutaka Okashi at InterBEE with fully functional Sony VENICE Full Frame 24×36 camera (shown here with Leica Thalia lens)


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