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STORYLINE STUDIOS hosted an open house and party for the Norwegian film community and guests attending the IMAGO Oslo conference on September 9.

Storyline is the largest camera, grip, lighting rental house, studio and post production facility in Norway—and one of the biggest in Scandinavia. Their roots go back to 1932 and Norsk Film.

An energetic team of 44 manage everything from pre-production through production, and on to editing, grading, sound design, conform and delivery. They provide DIT on-set and near-set services, digital lab work, studios and rentals.

It’s a short, 5-minute cab ride from the Oslo Opera house and the Norwegian Film Institute to the Scandinavian-modern facilities of Storyline’s camera rental department.

Andreas Herzog Grimsø once worked as a DIT and now runs the camera division of Storyline. He’s also a partner in the company. Mai Dehli has been with the company for 9 years and is an expert lens technician who trained at all the major lens companies.

Storyline’s shelves are filled with the latest RED and ARRI Alexa camera packages. And film is not dead in Norway—when I visited, a crew was checking out an Arriflex 416 system.

Located inside the camera department is a 4K reference theatre for developing looks and providing full, fast service from test to screening. Storyline provides complete Filmlight service from on-set through VFX to final grading and finishing.

Storyline is a partner with Norwegian cinematographer John Christian Rosenlund FNF and others in Drylab, which makes the famous Dailies Viewer 2, Set Report and other production tools.

Storyline attracts an international clientele with Norway’s stunning locations and excellent crews. They also help with funding and tax credits. Recent feature credits include: The Snowman, Valkyrien, Nobel, Downsizing, etc.


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