Pacific Northwest Lens Summit

Koerner Camera is hosting a day on cine lenses in their Portland office, with representatives from AbelCine, Angenieux, ARRI, Band Pro, Canon, Cooke, Duclos, Fujinon, Hot Rod Cameras, IB/E, Leica, Lomo Illumina, P+S Technik, Preston Cinema, Raptor, Sigma, Tokina and ZEISS.

Saturday, May 13 from 10am – 5 pm

Koerner Camera Portland

2828 SE 14th AVE.

Portland, OR 97202

Cooke Optics-

Les Zellan-President of Cooke Optics

-Cooke S7/i VV lenses

-Cooke Panchro Classics

-Cooke Anamorphic SF(Special Flare)

-Cooke Uncoated S4/i front elements 


Scott Daniels-Regional Sales Rep

             Nori Takahashi-Cine/Broadcast Product Manager

     Joe Patton—Regional Sales Rep

     Mike Edwards-Pro Market Specialist


-Canon CN-E Prime Lens Sets

-Canon CN-E Zoom Lenses

-Canon CIne Cervo Zoom Lenses


Matthew Duclos-Chief Operating Officer

             Michelle Duclos

-Duclos-1.4x, 2x extenders

-Tokina Zoom Lenses

-Tokina Prime Lenses


Josh Ewing-Regional Sales Rep

              Tom Fletcher-Director of Sales-Optical Division

              Chuck Lee-Fujinon Technology Manager

              David Webb

-Fujinon MK 50-135mm

-Fujinon MK 18-55mm

-Fujinon Premiere Zooms

-Fujinon Cabrio Line of Zoom Lenses

CW Sonderoptic-

Seth Compton-Regional Sales Manager

-Leica Thalia VV lenses-

-Leica Summilux-C Primes

-Leica Summicron-C

-Leica Macrolux diopters

-Leica M0.8 primes

-M Mounts for Red and Arri


Jeff Cree-Chief Technical Officer

-Angenieux EZ lenses

-Raptor VV Macro Prime Lens Set

-IB/E expanders

HotRod Camera-

Illya Friedman-Owner HotRod Cameras

-Lomo Illumina MK3 Lenses

-P+S Technik

  P+S Technik/Starkish

-Kish Sadhvani


Patrick Santucci-Sales Rep

-Sigma Zoom Lenses

-Sigma Prime Lenses


Daniel Ikeda-Regional Sales Rep

-Angenieux Anamorphic Zooms

-Angenieux Zooms

-Angenieux -their new optical back to debut at NAB

Zeiss-Snehal Patel-Regional Sales 

Bob Thompson- Regional Sales

-Zeiss Prime lens sets CP.3, Otus, Milvus, Batis, Loxia

-Zeiss Compact Zooms

-Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3

Preston Cinema -Alanna Berkson – Sales

Matt Davis- Engineer

-Preston Light Ranger 2

Abel Cine

Janice Gopez-Sales Representative

Toni Rios

Koerner Camera Cine Lens Day: Presentations by the major lens manufacturers

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