DMG Lumière MAXI Switch 4′ x 2.5′ LED

DMG Lumière’s new MAXI Switch could be described as follows: “Picture two slightly larger SL1 Switch fixtures hinged lengthwise. The two sections fold against each other for shipping. Open the two sides up in all kinds of configurations—wedge, flat, book-like.” Actually, the easiest thing is to just look at the pictures here.

Nils de Montgrand with MAXI Switch in closed position

DMG Lumière presented their new MAXI Switch at AFC Micro Salon and BSC Expo. At 120 x 75 cm (4’ x 2.5′), it is their largest light yet. It creates soft, glowing, infinitely dimmable and adjustable 3000 to 5600°K lighting.

MAXI draws 500 Watts, weighs less than 10 kg (22 lb), and is less than an inch thick (20 mm / 0.8”)

New DMX , WDMX, WiFi Control Box

DMG Lumière also presented a new control box for their fixtures.  It’s smaller and lighter than their current power supplies. Dimming and color temperature can be controlled by controls on the box, by DMX, or wirelessly via Lumenradio. Dimming and color selection can be controlled with smartphone and tablet apps.

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