ALEXA 65 at Age 2, ARRI Rental & ARRI Tour


Download free 24-page Special Report. 3.5 MB PDF. 

This Report is a “reprint” from FDTimes November 2016 Edition, #79.

It begins with a look at ARRI ALEXA 65 at Age 2, and its newest 65mm format lenses: ALEXA Prime 65 S Series and Prime DNA Series.

ARRI Rental launched ALEXA 65 at Cinec in September 2014 and at Camerimage in November 2014. Within the next 25 months, ALEXA 65 has been used on more 65mm productions than were shot on film in the previous 25 years.

What’s the appeal of the 65mm format?

Robert Richardson, ASC explained, “I shot two back-to-back films on the ALEXA 65. ‘Live by Night’ used Panavision lenses and then on ‘Breathe’ I used ARRI Rental lenses. Why the ALEXA 65? It has, by far, the best image I have found in digital. The speed of the camera is not as advertised. It is vastly higher. I rate it at 2000 rather than 1000. It has gorgeous color. Yes, lenses matter: they are the one element one must be careful with. Neil and ARRI Rental gave me a stunning selection of lenses. Panavision also did. But what matters here is the body. The ALEXA 65 is without doubt the most subtle camera I have worked with in the digital world.”

Martin Cayzer, CEO of ARRI Rental Group said, “The reactions to 65mm are mostly powerful emotional ones about the beauty of the images and how they relate to story-telling. It’s clearly a format that, as you would expect, can create a dramatic presence on a large screen of stunning vistas and landscapes. Just as important, is the impressive and beautiful treatment of faces and interiors in the 65mm format. For many, those are compelling combinations for telling their stories on a large canvas.”

Here’s a 24-page report on ALEXA 65,  a tour of ARRI Rental’s new facility near Munich, a look at camera manufacturing on Türkenstrasse and ARRI’s post facilities at Bavariafilm.

The report begins with an interview with Jörg Pohlman, Managing Director at ARRI GROUP. He  said, “If we think about the 99 years we have on record by now, look at where we are and where we want to be in the future, one of the key factors is how unique ARRI is. We are involved in almost all aspects of the motion picture industry, from developing cameras, lighting and accessories, to product manufacturing, including sensor bonding. Our ARRI Rental Group gives us proximity to film sets, and provides immediate feedback if something does not work or can be improved.”



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