Sony SEL PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS


Sony’s newest E-Mount lens is a Super 35mm lens with power servo-zoom capability specifically designed for motion picture taking. The new lens, the E PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS, covers both Super 35mm & APSC sensors. For a 6x zoom lens (18 to 110 focal range) it is surprisingly compact and lightweight coming in at only 2.4 lb (1.1 kg) –with a tough magnesium-alloy metal body. This lens would be excellent for Cinéma Vérité, documentary style cinematography. 

It is similar in appearance to its predecessor, FE PZ28135G (28-135). This new lens incorporates significant improvements for motion picture production. Snap zooms are possible thanks to a fully mechanical zoom system.



The 18-110mm F4 G OSS zoom is compatible with both Sony α Mount System cameras (a7 series) and Super 35mm 4K camcorders. It will be a good match for Sony’s FS7 or FS5. It can be used  for taking still images while also offering the features desired by filmmakers. Sony’s “Smooth Motion Optics” (SMO) design was developed to optimize performance as a motion image capture lens with the following characteristics:

  • No Ramping. (The F/stop T-stop does not change when zooming in)
  • The lens is Parfocal (it holds focus while zooming)
  • No Breathing (the angle of view does not change or appear to zoom in while focusing)
  • No Axial shift (image does not move in the frame while zooming)

The optical performance is “Sony G lens class,” similar to the Sony 28-135 zoom. The bokeh are beautifully rounded because of the circular iris. Sharpness is maintained edge to edge. Chromatic aberration is minimized (no green – magenta color fringing)
as is Geometric distortion (Vertical and horizontal lines remain straight at all focal lengths).

The lens elements are Advanced Aspherical ED Glass, Multi-Coated, and include Nano Coatings. The lens maintains a constant F4 aperture through the entire focal length range. (I don’t have the T-stop value yet.) The lens has texture-differentiated Iris, Zoom and Focus rings. The push-pull focus ring switches between auto and manual without removing your hand from the barrel and even though the indication on the barrel is 1/3 stop in click mode, in servo (or click-less mode) the actual iris aperture resolution is 1/128 stop.


Additional information:

  • Minimum Object Distance:
    • Wide end (18mm) = 1.3’ (0.4m)  
    • Tele end (110mm) = 2.9’ (0.9m)
  • Filter diameter: 95mm
  • 64 to 11 degrees horizontal angle of view
  • Silent operation, selectable: Servo (reversible, zoom ring rotation direction) or Mechanical Zoom.
  • Discrete Iris, Zoom and Focus rings with markings on the barrel.  The focus barrel has a rubberized manual focus ring and a Cine-Style Mod .8 gear for use with follow focus or external motor drive.
  • Selectable Auto / Manual Focus and Optical SteadyShot (Image stabilizer)
  • Lens metadata transfer to the camera for display in the EVF and real-time recording onto the file (Sony formats only).

The supplied Sunshade has built-in louver (shutter-style) lens cap mechanism. Regular circular cap is also supplied for use when the supplied sunshade is not used.


Lens with tripod attachment bracket




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