GDU Tilt/Swing Plate


Global Dynamics United makes the best looking compact tilt/swing plate I’ve seen. It’s simple and quick to use. The GDU Tilt 20 is designed to tilt 20 degrees up or down. You can use it on top of your fluid or geared head, bolted to a piece of plywood as a low-hat, attached to a car mount, bolted to a rig, or just flat on the ground.

Spin the camera 90 degrees around the ⅜-16 bolt of the top plate, and you have a compact Dutch head style rocker or “swing” plate that’s helpful for leveling horizons or quickly framing skewed shots.

There are thumbscrew/hex locks on each side. It’s machined from Mil-Spec 7075 Aluminum.

The GDU Tilt 20is  lightweight (1 lb) and small (6″ x 6″) and fits nicely on the bottom of most interesting cameras.

Recently seen in New York at the Creative Solutions (OffHollywood) Open House.

The $489 price is so ridiculously low that I wonder if (a) it’s a misprint or (b) GDU wants every camera crew in the world to have one of these essential accessories. It’s available online.

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