ARRI SkyPanel Software Update


Lighting fixtures now get software updates.

ARRI LED SkyPanels can be updated with 10 new features. “This is not a bug fix,” said Michael Wagner, ARRI Senior Product Manager of LED Lighting. “The updates make it easier for customers to use SkyPanels in different, new and familiar ways. There are many new  controls over color and settings.” Here are some:

1. The control panel or DMX setting now shows a gel filter library. You can select a color with a familiar Rosco or Lee filter name or number. The library is organized into familiar categories: color corrections, Storaro selection, Rosco Calcolor, Cinelux, Lee Color Correct, Lee Cosmetic Series, etc.

The SkyPanel color “engine” still generates the colors, but instead of having to define RGBW values, you can now pick colors by their popular and familiar names. This is much easier.

2.  Tungsten dimming mode emulates how the color temperature of a traditional tungsten light gets warmer when dimming. It also mimics strike on and off behavior, with a slow fade and afterglow—instead of immediate darknesss. This is interesting for matching the behavior of other practicals in the shot.

3. Low end mode – a much smoother, more accurate control at  low light levels, better color temperature  and rendition at just a few footcandles.

4. 5. 6. USB functions to load error logs, save up to 10 user presets to USB stick, share between fixtures, save and load all fixture settings, clone fixture settings.

7. ArtNET implementation – DMX over Ethernet and WiFi.

8. RDM (Remote Device Management) implemented to control  fixtures from a console—discovers all addresses on the network.

9.  DMX protocol to change fan mode and, for example, turn fan off during a take.

10.  Choice of 4 dimming curves: exponential, log, linear, S-curve.

These updates and new high speed M-Series ballasts for slow motion shooting will be in the lighting section at ARRI’s NAB Booth. NAB Booth C6537

Here’s a video by George Leon for FDTimes of Michael Wagner describing the new features of the SkyPanel at NAB Show 2016:

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