HAWK V-Lite 1.3x Vintage ’74 Anamorphic

Fueling the fires of anamorphic and vintage looks, Vantage introduces their HAWK V-Lite 1.3x Vintage’74 Anamorphic lenses. 



HAWK V‑Lite 1.3x Vintage’74
Focal Length T-Stop CFD
28mm T2.3 2’7” 0.80m
35mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
45mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
55mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
65mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
80mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
110mm T3.1 3’3” 1.00m
140mm T3.7 3’3” 1.00m



More updates to follow after NAB!


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