SONY at 25 Madison Avenue


L-R: Sony’s Rob Willox, John Studdert, Alec Shapiro, Deon LeCointe, Peter Crithary, Alex Rossi. Photo by Mark Forman.

Sony Corporation of America has moved South—from 550 Madison Avenue to 25 Madison Ave.

Today marked the first press conference held at Sony’s new New York HQ. It was a pre-NAB briefing, with lots of announcements not to be revealed until NAB opening day.

Sony’s new 525,000 square feet of space occupies the top 10 floors at Madison Avenue and 25th Street in New York’s Flatiron District, overlooking most of lower Manhattan and Madison Park.

The Sony Tower at Madison Avenue and 55th Street was formerly the AT&T Building. Designed by Phillip Johnson, completed in 1984, it was known as the “Chippendale” Building for its iconic bookcase-style roof and cathedral-like lobby. Sony sold the building for $ 1.1 billion, and it is planned for development  into a hotel and luxury condos. The penthouse is expected to be the most expensive and largest  (21,504 sq ft.) in the city. This is, after, New York’s new billionaire’s row.

The new space be U.S. headquarters of Sony Corporation and global headquarters of Sony Music Entertainment and Sony/ATV Music Publishing.  The Sony Store will be back on the ground floor. The Sony Club is back on the top floor, along with a modern employee cafeteria and lovely roof terrace. There’s a new 36-seat screening room with superb projection. STUDIOS architecture designed the space.



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