Sumo Tenba Cooper Messenger Bags


Sumo wrestling in Japan began as a Shinto ritual and became a sport in the Edo period (1603 – 1868). The original wrestlers may have been samurai or rōnin (freelance samurai). Somewhat like ronin cinematographers or ronin camera assistants who supplement their incomes by designing things.

Cooper bags from Tenba were designed as luxury camera bags that can withstand the rigors of abuse on location as well as sumo motorcyclists.

Tenba Cooper shoulder messenger-style bags come in 4 sizes. They’re made of weather-resistant peach-waxed cotton canvas and leather. Cooper 8 is 11″w x 7.5″h x 5″d and holds a mirrorless camera, a couple of lenses, and accessories. Cooper 13 slim holds a mirrorless camera and 3-5 lenses, and the regular Cooper 13 is for DSLRs. Cooper 15 is the biggest bag. It’s for pro DSLR cameras with 70-200 zoom attached and 3-4 lenses, is 16″w x 11.5″h X 8″d.

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