Leica SL 35mm Full Frame Autofocus


L-R: PL to Leica SL/T Mount Adapter; Leica SL; Summicron-C prime lens; Summilux-C prime lens, Leica Q.

Cut to the chase: favorite things about the new Leica SL Full Frame Mirrorless 35mm camera introduced today at Leica HQ in Wetzlar.

  1. Sharpest EVF I’ve looked through on a still camera: 4.4 Megadots.
  2. Very rapid autofocus and Optical Image Stabilized lenses.
  3. PL adapter to use cine lenses; also M, R, S, etc.
  4. 4K Video: .MOV motion jpeg or MP4 files
  5. Smooth skin tones and beautiful images.

CW Sonderoptic’s Rainer Hercher filled a backpack with an SL camera, SL, Summicron-C and Summilux-C lenses, and a PL-to-SL mount adapter. We headed for the hills above Wetzlar for some wide shots. Excellent ergonomics and design. Your left eye is not blocked by the camera. Nice thumb control to select focus area.


The camera quickly shifts from 35mm full frame to 35mm cine at the push of a button. Full frame is HD; Super 35 goes up to 4K.


L1010865fdtimesOf course, macro mode had to be tested on good food, with Wetzlar’s La Piazza obliging with photogenic and perfectly prepared rack of lamb. Minimum macro autofocus of the SL 24-90 f/2.8-4 zoom was about 12 inches.L1010928fdtimes

And then the official product launch began…to be continued…

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