Cabriolet Lighting: Alpha 800 from K5600


K5600 Lighting introduced their new Alpha 800 HMI fixture at IBC.

It’s like a cabriolet of lighting–convertible from Fresnel to Sharp shadow to focusing PAR in one unit.

The new Alpha 800 Watt light joins the rest of the Alpha HMI family: 200W, 1600W, 4kW, 9kW, and 18kW.

Several things distinguish K5600 Alphas. They all have quartz reflectors that allow them to be aimed straight down (even the 18K). The Fresnel lens is removable and can be replaced with a clear glass cover for wider, sharper, even spread. Add a skirt, and it becomes a Spacelite. Add a Lightbank, and it’s a softlight. Add a Softube 800, and it becomes a long and thin, 118 x 19.5 cm (46.5″ x 7.7″) sausage-shaped single source that’s nice for cars, fashion and beauty, or tucked against the ceiling.  Change the bulb orientation, and it becomes a focusing PAR, with interchangeable reflectors.


When you remove the Fresnel lens, the beam spreads to 120°, providing even illumination and sharp shadows. Of course, you lose a bit of intensity.

Add the K5600 90-degree bulb socket, and the standard vertical bulb orientation now bocomes a horizontal PAR configuration, with interchangeable reflectors.


Even though it’s an HMI fixture, the new Alpha 800 provides a choice of tungsten or daylight illumination. It uses not only standard 800W HMI 5600K Quartz Metal Halide lamps but also new 800W 3200K Ceramic Discharge Lamps. These are the same tungsten balanced bulbs introduced for K5600’s Joker-Bug 800 at NAB and Cine Gear. Just swap the bulbs; no modifications are necessary with head or ballast.

Like the other members of the Alpha family, the Alpha 800 is compact and lightweight. Preliminary specs:

  • Weight: 5.6 kg / 12.3 lb
  • Width: 300 mm / 11.8″
  • Height: 350 mm / 13.8″
  • Depth: 220 mm / 8.7″    and

L-R: K5600's Ryan Smith and Marc Gallerne with Alpha 800

L-R: K5600’s Ryan Smith and Marc Gallerne with Alpha 800


Alpha 800 PAR configuration


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