New Gear at Cine Gear

Here’s a gallery of new gear I saw at Cine Gear Expo 2015 in LA last week. Apologies to anyone we missed, and acknowledgement that some things may not be totally new–but this was the first time I’d seen them. Among the unveilings:

  • Cooke’s 65mm Macro Anamorphic /i 2x Prime lens with CU ratio of 4.1:1.
  • Cineo’s iPhone-size Matchbox and big Quantum120 LED 4’x4′ distributed by Cinelease–approximate equivalent output of a 10K through a 4×4 Light Gridcloth.
  • Servicevision’s Super Scorpio 45′ telescopic crane and first set of Scorpiolens Anamorphics.
  • Motorized Slider from Ronford-Baker and fully-rigged Atlas 7 modular underslung, overslung head
  • New OConnor 2560 — “baby brother” of the 2575.
  • Matthews adjustable low hat and backdrop ears for wrinkle-free mounting of rag-filled frames.
  • Wooden Camera accessories and quick-release rig for ARRI Alexa Mini.
  • BBS Lighting
  • BBS Lighting Pipeline LED System 
  • Ianiro Mintaka LED 12, 20, and 35 Watt direct open face and focusable fresnel lights
  • K5600 “Tungsten” HMIs
  • Veydra 1.2x PL to PL Expander at Manios Digital & Film increases image circle of 27.2 mm Academy Format lenses to 34 mm.
  • Starkish from Kish Optics. As Kish said, “Bigger sensors on RED and Alexa Open Gate vignette on many lenses. Not any more.” Attaches to neutral mount of Angenieux and Cook Zooms. Several versions (1.15x, 1.21x)
  • Panavision Primo 70 Series on Panavised Alexa, VariCam 35, and F55.
  • Daryl and Justin Goff’s ActionProducts Runner exoskeleton support and stabilizer for gimbal rigs.
  • Nauticam underwater housing for Alexa Mini.
  • Nic Sadler’s directors finder for iPhone and iPad lets you work with PL mount lenses.
  • Cinetech Italiana’s Capinera dolly with track-riding main wheels and skateboard guiding wheels.
  • Curt Schaller showing artemis rig with Maxima stabilizer.
  • Oh, and the longest line I’ve ever seen for Ice Cream.

Additional Cine Gear Photos to be posted shortly. Click on an image to begin slideshow, below.



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