Canon 5D 10 Year Anniversary


Hard to believe–Canon will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the EOS 5D camera. It was launched in September 2005: an affordable DSLR with 35mm full-frame 24×36 mm CMOS sensor.

In November 2008, Canon shipped the second-generation EOS 5D Mark II. This was the first Canon EOS DSLR camera that could not only take stills, but could also shoot Full HD video. The rest is history. The EOS 5D Mark II captured good video, was affordable, and could use Canon’s huge line-up of more than 64 models of interchangeable EF lenses.

In March 2012, Canon introduced the EOS 5D Mark III, with improvements in image quality, enhanced autofocus, and a faster maximum continuous shooting speed.

What does this all mean? Keep our eyes on 24×36 mm sensor cameras.

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  1. Mark Forman says:

    Yes I remember that well as the earliest adopter of the 5D Mark II, I shot a small segment for the Film “Notorious” on December 4, 2008 and got the Credit “DSLR Consultant” in the release.
    Minimum lighting and a crew of the director, the producer, editor, myself and the lead actor and Taxi driver.
    The shot of Notorious Big getting out of a taxi on a rainy Brooklyn street and entering his mother’s apartment.