ActionProducts Runner

Brian Goff, inventor and designer of the ActionProducts Runner

Brian Goff, inventor and designer of the ActionProducts Runner

Carrying a heavy load above chest level can quickly lead to fatigue and becomes a distraction. It’s a chemical reaction in your body familiar to most gimbal camera operators.

From Switzerland, land of fitness and fine tools, comes the new ActionProducts Runner. It’s an exoskeletal device that mechanically increases the operator’s strength and endurance by transferring the full weight of a handheld or gimbal stabilized camera to counterbalanced spring-loaded arm supports.

The Runner lets you work longer with a lot less fatigue. Since you don’t have to worry about managing the weight of the gimbal, your efforts can be devoted to excellent camera moves and framing.

The adjustable payload support accommodates more accessories on the camera that might previously have been unrealistic to carry.

You put the Runner on like a backpack. It fits almost anybody. The width is adjustable—comfortable for most body shapes and able to get through doorways. The lightweight harness is nicely padded. The spring loaded arms adjust in height and width. Height is adjusted along two 19mm carbon fiber rods running vertically on the back of the harness. Depending on configuration, it should be possible to mount 19mm accessories to the back of the harness, such as battery modules or recorders. The top of the forearm harness also adjusts lengthwise and its 19mm rods provide addition space to mount 19mm accessories.


Your hands are not locked into the system. With the camera neutrally buoyant, you are free to slide your arms in and out of the forearm half-rings at any time. The Runner arms hold all the weight and maintain the camera’s position. This is also helpful when putting on and taking off the rig. You can get in and out of the harness as if it were a backpack (no need for help from others).

The hooked tether lets you easily hand off the camera/gimbal to other operators during the shot. As the second operator takes the weight of the gimbal, the first will be able to pull away by simply lowering his or her arms.

The Runner will have a C-Stand spigot on lower rear end of the harness for docking.

All in all, the Runner is a great way to be nimble with your gimbal. 

  • Supports payloads up to 15.0 kg / 33 lb
  • Up to 140 cm (55”) boom range
  • Stabilizes gimbals horizontally and vertically
  • Takes all weigh off the arms
  • Fully milled aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Operate with or without forearm harness
  • Lowered arm locks for easy mounting/dismounting
  • Built in C-Stand docking bracket
  • Lightweight harness
  • Adjustable in height and width
  • 19mm carbon fiber rods on back and on arm segments
  • Fully adjustable belt (fits all sizes)
  • Load dispatching padding
  • Narrow design – easily goes through doorways
  • Spring packs and ball bearing joint articulation
  • Load adjustments made by simple knob

ActionProducts Runner is available exclusively from Innocinema. Estimated shipping date: mid-late April.

This just in: the RUNNER will not be at NAB because of last-minute design changes to the prototype. An ActionCam representative will be at NAB on day 2 and 3 showing the new ActionCam Raptor. NAB Booth: SU13707 – ACR Systems – in the South Upper Hall.

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