Curved, Thin, 8K, and HDR at CES

IMG_1007-FDTimesCES 2015 was about flat panel TV displays. Almost every major player had an 8K prototype. They were very good. And yes indeed, you can see the difference. They will be not only in homes, but also in museums, medical schools, hospitals, graphic and automative design.  Sharp showed how you could read 3 point type on their 85″ set. 8K is coming faster than I expected, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics roadmap may not be a waypoint but a beacon.


High Dynamic Range was a big topic, and the results were gorgeous in 4K and 8K. I believe the EBU was advocating HDR, and here are the results from the Asian manufacturers.

Thin was in. Sony and Panasonic showed 4K TV sets thinner than an iPhone.


Curved TV monitors were everywhere. For unconvinced people like me, LG had the answer. You could remotely adjust their 84″ 4K prototype from flat to curved.


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