Hawk V-Plus Vintage ’74 45-90 T2.9


Hawk V-Plus Vintage ’74 Front Anamorphic 45-90 mm T2.9 Zoom 

1970s Style: Vintage Vantage Advantage 

Vantage introduced their new Hawk V-Plus Vintage ’74 Front Anamorphic 45-90 mm T 2.9 Zoom Lens at Camerimage.

It is one of the few front anamorphic zooms on the market — providing glorious oval bokehs and the ever-popular look of front anamorphic lenses, along with vintage low contrast, flares, aberrations, vintage coatings — all in a modern mechanical housing that works with the latest accessories, matteboxes, and lens controls.

The new Vintage ’74 zoom provides similar performance and the signature ‘70s look of the Hawk V-Lite Vintage’74 Anamorphic Primes. The set includes: 28, 35, 45, 55, 65, 80, 110, and 140 mm Primes, and the new 45-90 zoom.

The new Vintage ’74  45-90 is based on the V-Plus (black barrel) Front Anamorphic zoom. It has 22 optical elements with 32 glass-to-air surfaces. Every surface has been modified or recoated. For more information, check out Vantage’s new web site:  www.vantagefilm.com

Here is the current set of V-Lite Vintage ’74 front anamorphic primes and V-Plus Vintage ’74 zoom:




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