FDTJ Board Meeting

The first annual board meeting of Film and Digital Times Japan was conducted last night in a private teppanyaki dining room of Yebisu Restaurant — on the top floor of the Westin Hotel Tokyo. Chef Aya presented a refreshing take on what can usually be an overly-theatrical event with her calm, artistic, and almost zen-like cooking. The dinner was:

  • Appetizer of grilled smelt, crab and cabbage in a vinegar jelly, Japanese pepper mushroom, grilled eggplant with salmon.
  • First course of grilled lobster or giant abalone
  • Second course of grilled beef with vegetables
  • Choice of fried garlic rice, frid rice with shrimp and plum
  • Dessert of fruits and pastries.

The fruits of these labors are now online: FDTJ free downloadable PDF

, and the printed edition is available at the NAC, ZEISS, and Angenieux booths of InterBEE Tokyo.




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