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Tino Liberatore and Brenda Klemme Parker were carrying this intriguingly versatile ProShot rig around Cinec the other day. It’s a cool combination of monopod, baby legs, stabilizer, and shoulder rig–all in one and easily configurable without tools.

A “secret” to its success is the special patent-pending 3.8 pound Hexweight at the bottom, which acts as a counterweight to stabilize cameras up to 20 pounds by adjusting the length of the post.

Two handgrips adjust for handheld, stabilizer and baby-legs modes.

In hand-held mode, the ProShot’s thickly padded neoprene cushion rests comfortably on the shoulder. The Hexweight is positioned behind you and adjust for best camera balance.

ProShot becomes a 4’8” (1.46m) tall Monopod in seconds. There are 5 telescoping sections and the Hexweight becomes a weighted, stabilizing foot and avoids the top-heaviness of traditional monopods.

In Stabilizer Mode you hold the rig vertically and adjust the swivel/tilt head to level out the camera. The ProShot handles adjust easily into different positions.

ProShot is rugged and water resistant. It’s compact and lightweight (6.5-lbs / 2.9-kg including Hexweight)t.  Each ProShot comes with K-Tek’s  swivel/tilt monopod head ( with 3/8” screw) and removable quick release baseplate with ¼” and a 3/8” threads included. A DSLR 15mm rod upgrade kit is also available.

Made in the USA, ProShot lists for $849. For more information or to order visit www.ktekbooms.com or www.proshotcameragear.com 

Tino Liberatore, Brenda Parker, Cosima von Spreti

Tino Liberatore, Brenda Klemme Parker, Cosima von Spreti

Tino Liberatore, Brenda Klemme Parker at Cinec

Tino Liberatore, Brenda Parker at Cinec


Tino and ProShot

Tino and ProShot


Tino’s Oktoberfest official shoes

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