Passport Expirations and Travel Woes

With the IBC-Photokina-Cinec trifeca rapidly approaching, check your passport.

  • Does it expire in 6 months?
  • Do you have at least 2-4 blank pages for stamps/visas?

The tales of woe from many colleagues and the lack of clear guidance from the airlines means it’s wise to check. Many people we know were denied boarding when they checked in because the passport was due to expire within 6 months. Since the airline asks you to enter  passport data, including expiration date,  when you buy your ticket — it’s ridiculous that they don’t catch this in advance.

It gets worse. A prominent board member flew all the way to Europe (airline didn’t catch the expiration date upon boarding), but was held at EU immigration upon arrival. Luckily the US Consulate was open and he had connections. All the more ironic, since he was detained in the city of his birth.

The rules are online — but you have to check:

I never heard of the 2-4 page blank page rule before, but it’s there.


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