Angenieux Style


Angenieux’s stylish annual NAB party for distributors, customers, and rental houses took place Tuesday night at Tryst. The usual notable suspects were twirling on the dance floor,   enjoying the ambiance and fine dining, and watching Yoginis floating by in bubbles: Denny Clairmont, Otto Nemenz, Tng Sieu Moi, Robert Keslow, and many more. Pierre Andurand, President of Thales Angenieux, gave a welcoming speech. He said that Angenieux is developing new products and  achieving its goal of delivering products on time.

The distributor award of the year was presented to Jebsen Managing Director Maximilian von Stillfried.

Dominique Rouchon, International Sales Director, said that customers were the source of inspiration in developing successful Angenieux products. “Competition is getting stronger, but that is not a worry because competition is healthy and Angenieux has a talisman.” (THALESMAN!). “The Angenieux talisman is the customer–the cinematographer. Angenieux is a brand with a lot of affection,” It is a very unique brand–with a lot of style, and a new line of lenses, named “Angenieux Style.”


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