Sony F55 ENG & Doc Dock


Photo: Mark Forman


Sony introduced a totally new F5/F55 shoulder dock. From the people who brought you many shoulder-resting ENG camcorders—this kit provides familiar camcorder functions to the F5/F55. Basically, it’s a base and rear that attaches to the bottom of the camera. It gets power and signals through the rear multi-pin connector where the AXS-R5 Recorder previously plugged in. The top handle gets a redesign. The words “modular, unibody, and convertible” come to mind. A dock for documentaries and ENG: ENG & DOC DOCK.

All conventional operations of Sony Camcorder

  • Wireless Audio is supported
  • Only 5 minutes to attach
  • New Handle with Mic holder
  • Wireless Audio (Analog or Digital)
  • Audio Control Panel
  • Sliding shoulder pad – Amira-like
  • Gain/BARS/White Three Assignable Buttons in front, Audio Monitor Select

The doc dock kit has front controls for:

  • Rec Start/Stop, Mic Volume, Shutter, Auto WB
  • Gain H/M/L, White Balance A,B, Preset, Assignable  buttons, Monitor Select switch
  • Audio control
  • Connections at the rear provide:
  • XLR 5pin Audio OUT
  • XLR 3pin Audio IN x2 (AES/EBU, Line, Mic, +48V)
  • Headphone jack
  • Hirose DC 12V OUT
  • XLR 4pin DC IN
  • Connections in front
  • XLR 5pin Audio IN
  • Headphone jack

Accessory connectors:

  • Hirose DC 12V OUT
  • D-TAP DC 12V OUT

Wireless audio receivers will be accommodated onboard. NAB Booth C11001

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