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In addition to remembering Feb. 14 on our calendars as Valentines day, we also mark Feb 13 – Feb 16  for this year’s biggest Camera Show in Japan: CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show 2014 in Yokohama.

And it shows clear, that the popularity of this show grows every year. Last year, for the first time, a space for video and video accessories was reserved. This was experimental, because, after all, it was designated as a Photo Show. At the first day of this year’s show, the presence of professional video cameras could already be seen. Word had gotten around that this show was not just for still photographers anymore.

Unfortunately for the exhibition, on the second day, Tokyo and surroundings were covered with heavy snow fall. A week earlier,  Tokyo experienced its heaviest snowfall in 45 years — with a lot of transportation in and around Tokyo canceled. On the 3rd day, the snowfall was so heavy that the show organizers decided to cancel the show on that day, which fell on Saturday the 14th. The scheduled talk of US Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry was canceled as well.

With 62,597 visitors in 2013, the 2014 show had  42,203 total visitors.

The exhibit itself showcased the latest in cameras, lenses, and accessories — with models and event girls mixed in between. This is always the main attraction for most amateur photographers: to have a chance to get close to professional models and snap photos.

Seminars and demo shooting by photographers with models on various stages were a big attraction.

For a visitor who comes every year, it is very clear that the trend goes toward a hybrid of still and motion.

Red had a booth showing their flagship: a carbon fibre Epic with 6k Dragon sensor, which shaves off 1 pound of the camera weight. Red showed the possibility of using a RED camera for still photos.

GoPro and  DJI Quad Copters exhibited for the first time at CP+.

One corner was reserved for the JCII Camera Museum, which showed a variety of film based cameras of different formats and with some very long lenses.

Text and Photos by Dorian Weber, Tokyo

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  1. Nice coverage Dorian, we would never hear of these nice photography show without your help.