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“Hand Held on Hand Held” Video Series and Documentary

Marc Paturet, Owner of Hand Held Films in New York City, is launching a documentary series about filmmaking and film equipment.  The series will serve not only as a way for customers to familiarize themselves with Hand Held Films, but also to educate viewers about film production and the changes in new technology.  “Hand Held Films is not just a rental house, we are a community of filmmakers and it is our responsibility to nurture that community the best we can,” Marc said. The series will be hosted by the inimitable Marc himself, whose passion for the industry and years of experience is palpable in his on-camera appearances. Imagine Anthony Bourdain exploring parts unknown (and known) in the film business.

The first episode, “Hand Held Films on Construction,” begins with Marc in a hardhat. “I’m a little out of my league with this. It’s been a year since we’ve been in construction.” We see a sheet-rock dusted, cement pouring, sparks flying, drilling, steel erecting, glazing, whirlwind work in progress of the new rental headquarters of Hand Held Films at 129 West 27 Street in New York. Construction is somewhat like film production.

Marc explains how a rental house needs a large amount of space–a challenge in New York, to be sure. He is committed to his community, providing jobs, and improving the neighborhood. He renovated the exterior to improve its appearance and harmony with the surrounding area.

The concept of the series is educational and also to show how Hand Held participates in the community of filmmakers as well as  in their Chelsea community. The series continues with 3 or 4 web episodes of 4 or 5 minutes each:

  1. Construction and renovation of the space.
  2. Training the staff primarily on cleaning lenses and testing lenses in projection.
  3. Apprenticeship.
  4. Lens technician Tony Martinez stripping down an Optimo 24-290, cleaning, relubing, and  putting it back together with assistance from Peter Dawo.

A future series will include:

  1. Interviews with respected handheld cinematographers on handheld camera work.
  2. Different workers at Hand Held: seamstress, lighting repair, lens technician, their history and how they were hired.
  3. Following a colleague who spent three years at Hand Held and is now freelancing — on set and location.


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