Keslow gets Vantage Ones



Keslow Camera has received the first 3 focal lengths of the new Vantage One T1.0 Spherical Prime Lens set: 25, 40, and 65 mm. I believe this is the first in the USA. The full Vantage One set will consist of 17.5, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 90, and 120 mm — all T1.0.

Above T2, Vantage One lenses have a look similar to many modern lenses. From T1.4 to T1.0, the Vantage Ones provide a kind of “variable diffusion and variable contrast,” with a smooth, subtle creaminess to skin tones. The look is comparable to the classic Leica Noctilux of the 1970s.

The distance from the rear element to the sensor is long, so light rays travel relatively parallel, even illumination to the corners of the frame and reducing color fringing.

Dennis McDonald, Keslow Camera’s Chief Operating Officer said, “The Vantage One primes represent a new benchmark in terms of speed – something not seen in the industry today. But its not just speed that cinematographers are craving. With the prevalence of light-sensitive digital sensors, the Vantage One primes offer a unique look when opened up to T1, allowing a new creative feel with an intensely shallow depth of field not achievable with other lenses.”

When first announced in the hallowed pages of FDTimes a few months ago, a collective flurry of emails came from focus pullers worldwide. “How are we going to keep these babies in focus?” And, “Where will I be working next week?”

True, wide open at T1, the depth of field is as thin as a director’s patience. The trick is to prevail upon said director to work with these lenses, not against them. Avoid planning that continuous remote-head take at T1 from ECU of actress’ eye to the widest WS vista the world has ever seen. Still lifes with Vantage Ones are beautiful. Wide open at T1.0, these lenses offer a whole new look for locked off product shots, Sergio Leone twitch of the eye style close-ups, and title-sequence-worthy stylized scenes. At T2.0, focus pullers can breathe easier, confident in the knowledge that they behave normally. Vantage Ones have a beautiful cosmetic quality that will be welcome on fashion and beauty commercials and dramas.




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