2013 Broadcast India Show

A recent Reader’s Digest test reveals how people across the world react after finding lost wallets. As part of the study, 192 wallets were placed in parks, shopping malls and sidewalks across 16 cities around the globe. In each of the cities, ‘lost’ wallets were left with a mobile number, a family photo, business cards and cash equivalent of $50.

Although not the safest place, and high on corruption indexes, Mumbai – (the city formerly known as Bombay) has been ranked second after Helsinki in this unique ‘honesty’ survey… and it’s true. I had left my brand new Sony RX 100 MII at Broadcast India’s CANON booth, and minutes later, a smiling Indian young man tapped my shoulder, with my camera in his hand. Incredible and fabulous India!

This year, Mumbai’s Goregaon Exhibition Centre hosted the Broadcast India Exhibition from October 9th to 11th. Along with the show, a two day conference took place with over 20 informative presentations and enlightening debates. The new RED Theatre had long queues of fans eager to watch the Dragon 6K presentations.

This is India’s leading exhibition dedicated to broadcast and the entertainment industry, showcasing the world’s leading companies with their latest technologies for digital cinema, broadcast, camera supports, lights, audio, IPTV and mobile television.

The 2013 edition had structural improvements such as a new air conditioned exhibitors’ lounge, better services and food courts; but still had the problem of not having air conditioning during set-up. Hard for foreign exhibitors to set-up their booths with 90% humidity, clouds of dust and sticky weather. The show had over 20,000 visitors, making it one of the most well-attended and successful Broadcast India shows to date.

International exhibitors like Angénieux, ARRI, Cooke Optics, Canon, Blackmagic Design, RED, Cartoni, cmotion, PAG, Tiffen/Steadicam, Ross Video, Panasonic, Sony, Avid, Harris, GoPro, ZEISS, Autodesk, Dedolight, Fujinon, Panther, Stereovision, Yamaha – just to name a few – presented their newest product lines and told us they were pleased with their level of business. Many signed up for 2014.

FDTimes’ Rome correspondent interviewed some of the exhibitors to get their feelings on the show and on India’s potential as a new market for their products.

Nicolas Meallier, ANGENIEUX’s sales & marketing manager Asia, commented: “Broadcast India 2013 was a very special occasion for Thales Angénieux since the exhibition was the first presentation of the new Optimo DP 25-250 after IBC. Based on the ‘mythic’ ratio of the HR lens, well known by a whole generation of Indian DPs, the new Optimo DP 25-250 was presented during two events. A special V.I.P preview was organized at the Westin Garden Mumbai on October 8th evening where Thales Angénieux’s close customers, rental houses, DPs, and partners had the exclusive opportunity to try this new product. Also on display were the Optimo 45-120, Optimo DP 16-42 and Optimo DP 30-80. Supported by RED India, Sony India, Cartoni and Prime Focus, the event was also an excellent occasion to share a friendly moment around a buffet and discuss the latest evolution of the Indian film industry.

“During the exhibition, the new Optimo DP 25-250 was displayed at the RED booth and was mounted on the new Epic Dragon 6K camera. It attracted a large crowd and generated enthusiastic reaction from operators and customers. The Optimo 45-120 was also displayed at the RED booth, with the new RED motion mount and the Optimo 16-42 and 30-80 were respectively presented in SONY India and Stereovision booths.

“Later, Angénieux participated – together with RED India – in testing the Epic/Dragon by Santosh Sivan in Chennai on October 16th. This event was a unique occasion for Angénieux — to have one of the most famous Indian cinematogaphers try the latest generation of zoom lenses developed by the company”

Another enthusiast was Geoff Chappell, Director of Sales at COOKE Optics: “What can one say in just a few words about this country and its film Industry, to some the envy of the world, with over a thousand feature films being shot every year and many of those finding their way to the four corners of the world as well as to the global television pay-per-view market.

“Budgets that until a few years ago were around US$ 500,000 – 2,000,000 are now climbing to $ 30 – 40,000,000. Gone are the days for the small one man family businesses scouring the world for second-hand film equipment, although some lenses are still sought after, while others, such as old anamorphic lenses like Kowa and Cineo, are now being sold to the western world.

“Every year the Indian film Industry attends Broadcast India, which is now in its 20th year and runs over 3 days. Together with a small group of non Indian manufacturers we were once again in attendance to meet, greet and show off our latest goodies and for the first time RED decided to not only take a large stand, but also to have a REDucation theatre that proved very popular with queues for every session.

“When it comes to choice of cameras in India, the ARRI Alexa leads, with the RED Epic not that far behind. Sony and Canon arrived later to this new digital market here. Film now accounts for less than 20% of productions shot in India.

“With the Indian currency down around 20% against the Dollar and the Euro, and the import taxes at 30%, one would have expected a slow show, but not at all. Most international exhibitors reported that they were pleased with their level of business and many have already signed up for next year.”

CARTONI’s General Manager Elisabetta Cartoni, a veteran with over 20 years of experience with the Indian market told FDTimes. “We missed last year’s Broadcast India but are happy to be back, as India is and has been a huge market for Cartoni for so many years, especially with television using big Studio heads and pedestals. Thanks to the Maxima Fluid Head, the Bollywood, Chennai, Kalkota and Bangalore film crews are starting to appreciate the price and technical competiveness of our Heads, Jibs and tripods along with their performance, after sales service and our 5 year warranty, which no one else offers.”

Another member of the the Chappell family, Stephen Chappell, Sales Manager at CMOTION, said: “2013 was the 9th consecutive year for cmotion exhibiting at Broadcast India and the 6th that I have attended. As always, it was an interesting, exciting and vibrant show, but this year it attracted many new exhibitors and more importantly to us, an increase in visitors with a strong knowledge of our company and request for our products.

Although cmotion have already established loyal business partnerships with rental facilities over the years, the launch of our new single motor compact system at this year’s show received an outstanding response and is expected to significantly increase our share within this incredible Indian market.

Johnny Kurtz, General Manager at DEDOTEC Schweiz Gmbh, another Broacast India veteran critized the set-up conditions: ” I have been participating on this exhibition since the beginning. I think the exhibition is very exciting and I have always done good business. I noticed that this year fewer Chinese companies participated at the show. Other years a lot of Chinese companies were here.


“This year the setting-up of the booth in the hall was worse than ever. It was funny to meet some colleagues working with masks, we were looking like doctors. Last year I caught a very bad pneumonia because of the dust and the miserable air in the hall during the setting up period. I think it is a pity that the organizers are not taking any steps to improve this situation.


“We presented the latest novelties in a Hall that was built by the Flintstone family! For some years we from Dedo Weigert Film have been at the group booth of the Bavarians. Unfortunately because of not enough interest from other German companies and not enough registrations, the Bavarian booth organizers decided not to participate at Broadcast India in 2014. Is this a sign that fewer exhibitors will be here next year?”

Nigel Gardiner, Sales Director at PAG (UK) was impressed by the organization “Having not attended Broadcast India for the past 3-4 years, I felt that the new location at The Bombay Exhibition Centre was infinitely better than the old World Trade Centre in Cuffe Parade. The facilities at the new location now make Broadcast India a professional Trade Show and brought it into line with many of the International venues for trade shows.

“I was impressed with the organisation, layout and the overall presentation of this year’s show. This must surely be due to the hard work of Mrs Kavita Meer and her associates. With regard to the exhibition itself it was noticeable to me that there were many new exhibitors present. To me, as an exhibitor, the most important thing must be the level and the quality of the visitors. I was not disappointed by the number of people that I was able to demonstrate my products. The overall experience of Broadcast India was a favourable one and I will most surely return again next year.”

Robin Thwaites, TIFFEN’s International Director of Sales for Steadicam was enthusiastic.  “Broadcast India was an excellent show for Tiffen in general, as always when I visit India I am amazed at the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge of the visitors. Of course Steadicam was the most popular of our range of products and at least for Mumbai there was little interest in anything but big rigs capable of features productions. Fortunately we had a Steadicam Shadow with us topped with a Sony F-65 so this fitted the profile.

“This was my first visit back to Mumbai after a couple of years gap and I was very surprised at the speed of the transition from film to digital. Just three years ago there was only 35mm whereas now there is only digital. The currency and recent changes against the west certainly hamper purchasing as do the trials of importing equipment, however I am enthused by the attitude and will be carefully watching this area.”

Rene van der Reiden, International Sales Manager for CamRade & Alphatron Broadcast Electronics told FDTimes: “For us it was the first time we participated at the Broadcast India show. India is a new region for us and became more interesting due to the fact that Alphatron is manufacturing more and more products for the Film industry.

“We had no idea what to expect but the attendance to the show was better than we thought. Most attention in our booth was drawn by our Alphatron EVF, Electronic  Viewfinder. But also the camRade line of carrying bags and protection covers was popular.

“We definitely see a good potential in the market but at the same time we are not sure about how to reach out to this market. It will most likely be a mix of targeting big potential end users and use a number of strong dealers throughout India. Alphatron will participate again next year as we understand that like every country the market needs attention as it takes time to build up your brand.”

The 2014 edition will be held from the 15th to the 17th of October at the Bombay Exhibition Center (Goregaon). For any inquiries, go to: www.broadcastindiashow.com

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