Fauer and Zellan lecture in Boston

Jon Fauer and Les Zellan continue their journey of lectures to the northern hemisphere. Next stop is Talamas Boston on October 15, 6 – 9 pm.

Jon Fauer, ASC (Publisher and Editor of Film and Digital Times) will discuss:

  • History of art as it relates to cinema
  • Lighting with paint.
  • New equipment for 2013 — cameras, lenses and lighting, the latest report from IBC Amsterdam
  • Where we’re heading.

Les Zellan, owner of Cooke Optics, will present a look at the history of lens design and manufacturing from the late 1900s to the present day covering:

  • The evolution of lens manufacturing and the history of the motion picture industry
  • Innovations driven by manufacturer’s responses to the needs of the film industry since the 1920s
  • The history of Cooke Optics since its founding by William Taylor in 1886 and the company’s industry leading design, development and manufacturing practices
  • The use of Cooke lenses in applications ranging from early motion pictures such as the Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford films to Ernest Shackleton’s exploration of Antarctica all the way through to the present day.
  • The role ‘The Cooke Look,’ – Cooke lens’ consistent warmth, clarity, balanced color and contrast – has played in defining the look of motion pictures during the past century

WHEN: Tuesday October 15th 6PM

WHERETalamas Sales and Rentals in Newton, MA
COST: Free

More info on the Talmas Website



Fauer and Zellan lecture in Boston: Talamas Boston hosts event 6pm

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  1. Rob Stiff says:

    Sounds like an event NOT to miss!
    Please post a video of this lecture online.