Angenieux 25-250 Optimo DP

DSC02926Angenieux-fdtimesStill a few hours to go before the cone of NDA silence lifts on the new zoom from Angénieux — covered, above.

This zoom lens is an update and reboot of the famous 10:1 zoom that first came on the scene and on locations everywhere in 1962–and sparked the Nouvelle Vague, the New Wave. It was used on Claude Lelouche’s “A Man and a Woman,” and “Easy Rider,” on most of Rosselini’s films in the 1960s, Haskell Wexler’s “Medium Cool”…the credit list goes on and on. It was the big brother of the 16mm documentary darling, the 12-120–a lens that was inseparable from handheld cameras their documentary filmmaker owners.

The Angénieux Optimo DP 25-250 T3.5 zoom is the 4th generation of that venerable, beloved 25-250. Although it’s called Optimo DP, you might also think of it as the 25-250 Mark IV.

  • Great-grandfather was born in 1962: 25-250 f/3.2.
  • Grandfather arrived in 1985: the 25-250 HP (High Performance) f/3.2-f/4
  • Father came in 1991: 25-250 HR (High Resolution) f/3.2-f/4
  • 2013: 25-250 Optimo DP F3.5

(Follow the history of Angénieux in our 64-page special edition, available only at their IBC booth.)

  • Aperture:  T:3.5, no ramping,
  • Minimal breathing
  • Focus scale ring interchangeable from feet to meters.
  • Slide-in filter holder slips in between rear elements.
  • Frear net holder
  • /i  Technology metadata system.
  • Comes standard with PL  lens. Panavision, Canon EF and Nikon F mounts are optional.
  • Can be equipped with 1.4x and 2x Optimo extenders to become a 35-350 mm or a 50-500 mm.

Read all about it in the online and printed edition of FDTimes, going live in a few hours.




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  1. M I says:

    Would love to see them update the old “A” zoom too… the 17-102!!