Musitelli Film & Digital – Uruguay

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Musitelli Film & Digital has been described as one of the cleanest, modern, and well organized rental house anywhere in the world. The reputation is accurate.

Uruguay offers incredible locations, with almost no traffic and quick company moves from one setup to the next: from spectacular beaches, countryside to a picturesque, historic city.

The accompanying slideshow shows Musitelli’s rental house, the seminar given by Les Zellan (How to Build a Lens) and Jon Fauer (Art History, Lighting, Equipment).

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2 Responses:

  1. Mauricio says:

    Thanks for visiting my country. I learned so much! You people rock!

  2. rossina di paola says:

    They deserve this recognition!
    Musitelli Rental is an example of family business in Uruguay.
    What makes them special is not only the company level but also their human side!
    Congratulations guys!