The Motorcycle Diaries II


photo: Juan Pablo Fabres

Les Zellan and Jon Fauer embark on a South American lecture tour. First stop, JPF Cine in Santiago, Chile (above). If it’s Wednesday, it must be Musitelli in Montevideo, and Friday at Camaras y Luces in Buenos Aires. Les’ lecture is “How to Build a Lens.” Jon’s lectures are “History of Art in 30 Minutes and Lighting,” and “What’s new this year.”

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5 Responses:

  1. Good job, greetings from Santo Domingo

  2. Danys BRUYERE:

    Which one plays “Che”?

    • Jon Fauer:

      That would be Les, the fellow driving.

    • Juan Pablo Fabres:

      “Che” Zellan and Dr. “Alberto Granados” Fauer

  3. The story continues … Stay tuned for more pictures …