Easier EasyFocus

FDTimes-EasyFocus-DSC00484EasyFocus just got easier–and smaller, lighter, more ergonomic.

Gabriel Bauer, AAC (left), designer of Moviecam and Arricam, introduced the second generation of his touch-screen focus-puller’s best friend. The new model is about the size of a laptop, with a new fold-down cover that doubles as a mouse holder, script holder or hand rest. The laser reader attaches above the lens, and measures from 6 – 400 ft. It’s especially helpful on cranes, camera cars and remote heads — places where you don’t want to climb up and hook focus tape to hook. There are several modes: from simply checking focus distance without a tape measure to continuous tracking mode by following the subject with the point-and-touch stylus.

For more info, contact Rob Weinfurter, above right.



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  1. tom says:

    I heard the range starts at about 3ft!?