New Fujinon Cabrio 14-28mm

Fujinon announces a new Cabrio for NAB. On display at their NAB booth will be the new Premier PL 14-28mm Cabrio wide angle lens (model ZK2x14).  Focal length from 14-28mm at T2.9, with 200-degree focus rotation. This is the 3rd in the growing Cabrio Family.

Thom Calabro, director of marketing and product development for the Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM, said, “It’s the result of considerable customer feedback asking for a light weight zoom wide angle lens with a detachable servo drive, so it can be used as a handheld, capturing wide angles on tight shots.”

Designed using the latest optical simulation technology, the PL 14-28mm wide angle Cabrio lens offers exceptional optical performance in the center of the image and in the corners of the frame as well.  The digital servo’s 16-bit encoding assures operators that all lens data output—such as the position of the zoom, iris, and focus—is extremely accurate and the lens supports Lens Data System (LDS) and /i metadata formats. Like the highly acclaimed PL 19-90 and PL 85-300, the new PL 14-28 Cabrio features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-style lens.  And it can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers as well as existing FUJINON wired and wireless units.

The new PL 14-28 is equipped with the same features as the PL 19-90mm, such as: flange focal distance adjustment, detachable, self-aligning servo drive, and coverage of a 31.5mm diagonal sensor. Other specifications for this model are still being determined.

The entire range of Premier PL cine lenses will be shown in the NAB booth. The 14.5-45mm T2.0, 18-85mm T2.0, 24-180mm T2.6, and 75-400mm T2.8-T3.8 will all be on display, as well as the PL 19-90 and PL 85-300 Premier Cabrios.

The PL 14-28mm Cabrio lens has a tentative delivery date of end of this year.

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