Sony F5 and F55 96-page Report

Free 14 MB PDF of the Film and Digital Times Sony F5 and F55 96-page Report is now ready to download. Latest, updated version is v5.3.


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  1. What a gift to me on my birthday today.
    Hong Kong

  2. John Hoare says:

    Thanks for the wonderful report John. Sam Nicholson says he used Litepanels for the elephant film. I have Litepanels and have notice their shortfalls in colour spectrum (like all LEDs) when recording at hd 8 bit 422. Given the F55’s massive colour gamut etc, I would expect LED sources to display this problem even more starkly; is there any chance of Sam (or perhaps his colourist?) to post some feedback on this? Thanks.

    • Hello John,
      The color shift in the LEDs or any other light are much better handled by the F55’s color bandwidth. It’s easy to pull out or change color in 4K RAW.
      Sam Nicholson

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  6. ABRphoto says:

    Although this was a very good and helpful report I would have liked to see some criticism or a few pages about the disadvantages of the camera.

  7. Nicholas Wise says:

    Does anyone know the voltage/current rating for the two 4-pin hirose connectors on the V-mount adaptor plate? I cannot see any other DC-out ports apart from these so it would be good to know what onboard accessories they could power.

  8. James Fraser says:

    Does anyone know where I can download this from still? The download link no longer works…