Cooke Anamorphics

Reliable sources confirmed that Cooke Optics Ltd is indeed working on Anamorphic lenses. They are planned to be ready by end of 2013 or early 2014, and my guess is they will be front cylinder, classic style Anamorphic primes, with the traditional “Cooke Look.”

Memo to Danys Bruyere and Denny Clairmont from Jon Fauer: Your comments at the Cooke dinner in Munich recently were prescient. Did you say that? Transcript will be posted shortly.

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  1. ryan o'hara says:

    primes, yes? I was guessing their next move was to return to zooms like in the 80’s since they have mastered primes sets at t/1.4, t/2, and t/2.8. I guess I was wrong and anamorphic lenses are next. Very cool!

  2. Jon Fauer says:

    Primes, yes.

  3. Danys Bruyere says:

    As they say, a rumor heard from 2 different sources is fact!
    And as my analyst says, the more you deny it, the more true it usually is ;-)