August Arnold (r) and Robert Richter (l) in 1918

Actually, it’s still all in the family. The Richter/Stahl family, that is.

ARRI has been a family business for the past 95 years–shared by the Arnold and Richter/Stahl families. Robert (Bobby) Arnold, the son of co-founder August Arnold, sold his 50% share of Arnold & Richter Cine Technik to the grandchildren of Robert Richter.

Both families have been personally involved in the company since it was founded in 1917. ARRI will now be the sole responsibility of the Richter/Stahl family. ARRI officially stated today, “The Stahl family has expressed its intention to continue pursuing the media business of ARRI in the Bavarian film and media industry as well as internationally. ARRI has a global presence with offices in Australia, Canada, the USA, Italy, the UK, Hong Kong and China (Beijing office opened in early 2012) and more than 50 service and support partners worldwide.”

ARRI Alexa digital cameras were introduced in 2010. Recent products include LED L7 lighting fixtures, camera accessories, wireless camera and lens controls. ARRI introduced a new line of ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic lenses at IBC and Cinec.

ARRI provides camera, lighting, rental, sales and support services as ARRI Media Services, ARRI Rental, ARRI Film & TV, ARRI Productions and ARRI Worldsales. These services include project planning, equipment, on-set and near-set services, postproduction, archiving,  co-production partnerships and worldwide distribution.

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