Angénieux Anamorphic Zooms at NAB 2013

We should have figured this out earlier. The Tweet at the end of IBC 2012 from @AngenieuxLenses said, “Thank you to all our IBC visitors! See you at NAB 2013 for a special announcement about anamorphic zooms.”

But the writing was on the wall at IBC from day one…or rather it was on page 29 of “Angé News,” the new magazine distributed by Thales Angénieux at IBC. The title is “Scope is not a Scoop.” The article continues:

“If there is an image format that has satisfied audiences’ visual hunger since 1953, the ‘Scope format…creates the feeling of a long focal length with a wider field of view. The Hypergonar anamorphic principle was patented in 1926 by French Professor Henri Chrétien…”

Instead of scurrying around the halls of RAI in search of the latest scoop, we should have realized that Angénieux was not just giving us a history lesson, but was also foreshadowing things to come.

So the big story of September for me is Anamorphic: ARRI/ZEISS Anamorphic Primes at IBC, the announcement of ANGENIEUX Anamorphic zooms for next NAB, and the news of new Hawk Anamorphics and Scorpio Prime Anamorphics at Cinec.

About Angé News: Angé News from Angénieux is a lively and informative magazine. It presents the latest productions using the company’s products, along with history, festivals, events and information. Bravo Angé News from Angénieux.




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