ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphics

Here’s the new ARRI/ZEISS 50 mm Master Anamorphic on an Alexa Studio at IBC, above. Below is a mockup of the 35 mm Master Anamorphic. Classic oval bokehs, blue streaks, no distortion, no breathing.

At IBC, both ARRI and ZEISS have working prototypes of the new 50 mm T1.9 Anamorphic lens on ARRI Alexa Studio cameras in their booths.  The Master Anamorphics have irises with 15 blades. Master Primes have 11 blades.”

Prototypes of the 35, 50 and 75 mm Master Anamorphic lenses will be shown at NAB 2013, with delivery by Cine Gear 2013. Prototype of 100 mm is expected around Cine Gear. Introduction of 40, 60 and 135 mm at IBC 2013. Delivery of full set by end of 2013.

The lenses will be available to purchase from ARRI and their distributors worldwide.




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